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Thursday, December 4, 2008

there is no title

I am an Indian. I come from a country that is surrounded by semi-failed states or under tyrannic rulers or failed philosophy that does not confer voting rights to its citizens.
I get a chance to vote once in every five years or lesser only to find that inspite of having a voter ID, my name is not on the list of voters or someone has voted on my behalf.
I am happy if Indian cricket team wins, I am happy if the actors display their 6-packs and dance around with eye-candies. My friends from the other side of my country cannot tell the difference between Pondicherry and Cherrapunji and I have given up explaining it to them.
I feel sad if my fellow citizens are killed by terrorists and protest in the mildest way possible and I cocoon myself into my own life, worried about rising gas prices, food, flood, summer, rains, power-cuts. Now I have forgotten about the recession, I have forgotten about the Bhajji-Symonds-Monkey episode...let us play Chak De India when we see Dhoni hit that sixer... drink that coffee to always feel persistently hyperactive(not hyperattentive), who cares, its your life, bore that professor to death with your relentless yadayadayada about miniscule nothing...afterall we will be scientific scum...
Why not follow the "non-violent" method against the terrorists? afterall, it was that principle that won us the independance... really? yeah yeah... because, it was the same principle on which Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka were granted independence about the same time... let us show the other chin for an another slap... or shall we capture and sterlize the terrorists so that they dont give birth to new terrorists?
Next year, when the elections are in-sight, some popular actor wd start a farcical party to push the already confused voters into dementia and I would by proud of my Indians shining in Intel, Google, Microsoft, winning research grants, awards, working for NASA. Afterwards, there will be summer and Karnataka-TN would be fighting over Cauvery waters and all the above will be forgotten... perhaps not... someone would make a "motivate India" video...or be moved by Taare Zameen Par to send it to "yet another undeserving, failed Indian movie entry into Oscars"... shall we send Ghajini to the Oscars next year, his pecs look amazing...
Public Memory is Short... lets watch Ghajini... and become one... become what? an INDIAN.... Vande Mataram!